Access List Manager
Access List Manager - Manage your firewall with ease
Keep your firewall up to date with Access List Manager. This tool allows an admin to compare a current list of blocked, forbidden, or shunned IP addresses and IP Subnets to lists of new malicious IPs. This tool allows output of the differences as raw IP list, shun list, or ACL list.
  • Parses .txt and .pdf files
  • Allows custom selection of IP to exclude from update
  • Output list choices: raw IP, shun, ACL
  • Timestamped note for updates
  • Free for personal use, business/corporate licenses available
AccessListManager.exe MD5: fd29f09e00aab8e2ab643fedce1d9ce5
Access List Manager - Main Window Access List Manager - Results Access List Manager - Results - Custom
Desktop Application / Security Download download Visual Studio 2008, C#, PDF, ACL