Coin 4 Coin - The fast, easy way to trade your crypto coins.
  • Fast and easy
  • No account needed
  • Ability to convert your alt coins to Bitcoin seamlessly
  • High reliability via Amazon AWS and EC2
  • TOR-friendly non-Javascript version @
  • Accept a multitude of coins, get paid in the coins you want
  • Convert your coins in bulk or on-the-fly
  • Take your business, organization, or charity to the next level by accepting a diverse selection of coins and getting paid in the coin (or coins) that you need
  • Flat fee structure
  • SSL / TLS Security
  • Robust order information including transactional data, status, trade information, and more…
  • Fully automated process. Once you create a Trade Address, all you have to do is send the appropriate coins to that address and get the coins you specified back
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