distributed IDS
dIDS - distributed IDS
This website was created to document and track the progress of an ambitious project by two developers to create a distributed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) solution for Microsoft .Net environments.

This site will help document our decision making process, trials, errors, and breakthroughs. We are not sure where this will lead or when it will be completed, but we do have a few milestones and goals in mind and will post/edit them regularly. This is a joint effort with Chris Rogers of chrispr.org.
  • A network-wide host-based IDS system that consolidates IDS into a single system
  • Extended auditing information that is stored remotely on file servers or in databases for query
  • Implementing the newest technologies in .NET like the Windows Communication Foundation for SOA-based communication
  • Able to create rules and usage patterns from a central administrative interface which will alert when broken
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